How it all started…

In 1974, our Grama Judy and her neighborhood friends learned how to make gingerbread houses together. After a few years, they started up a gingerbread house display to encourage people to come visit the local historic sites! Grama taught her daughter, our mom, how to make them, and she taught us!

Every year, right after Thanksgiving, we’d break out the molasses and candy and turn our kitchen into a gingerbread factory! We would blast Christmas music and spend all weekend together building houses, singing and dancing in the kitchen, and sneakily eating candy meant for the houses when my mom turned her back! We hope you’ll love these gingerbread houses as much as we do, and we KNOW that you’ll love the priceless memories you’ll make with your friends and family with this fun tradition!


What sets us apart is our history, quality, and attention to detail. We’ve been doing this for 46 years as a family; it’s our favorite tradition! There’s something so special about making your own gingerbread, building your own house, and cultivating your skills year after year. True, homemade gingerbread house making is a dying art, and we’re determined to keep it alive.

The best things in life are the things we have to work for, which is why we believe that homemade gingerbread houses are the way to go! Join us in this special tradition, and we promise you’ll love the gingerbread houses, but what you’ll love more are the priceless memories and time you’ll spend with your family.